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New Music: Ásgeir Trausti


Ásgeir Trausti

I haven’t featured any Icelandic music in some time. I’m a fan of this- it’s a fusion of funk and pop and electro but doesn’t go overboard on the effects. It borders on being sexy. And that’s cool. Check out here.

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New Music

Owl Eyes – Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom Remix) [Melbourne, AU]

the Wanderlust-FM

Electronic / Funk / Dream Pop / Synth / Remixes

Owl Eyes (Brooke Addamo) is a 22 year old singer/songwriter who’s been around for quite a while, appearing on Triple-J’s Hottest here and then and showing growth all the while. To be honest it wasn’t until her recently released debut album Nightswim that she caught my attention. When I first heard Closure I had her instantly pegged her as Scandinavian with a dark synth-pop sound alike to that of Mr Little Jeans and Little Daylight, and nothing like the upbeat sunny elements you’d expect from Australian musicians. So when LA based DJ Goldroom got hold of the track and added a fresh layer of funk to Jewels & Sapphires, I’d go so far to say that it becomes a completely different track from the original. Give it a listen and see which one works for you. Personally I’d take both.

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