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Snakehips (Jason Edwards) – On & On (Snakehips Edit) [London, UK]

the Wanderlust-FM

Electronic / R&B / Remixes

I was first acquainted (as I believe many of us were) with Snakehips, the musical project of Jason Edwards through his amazing bootleg of Gold by Bondax, if you haven’t heard it yet you should definitely check it out here. Since then I’ve been checking out  more of his remixes which have never been anything short of spectacular. With a familiar style of heavy R&B beats and funky synth work, he’s managed to repeatedly and successfully produce music easy on the ears and catchy as hell. So when I heard that he had produced an original and remixed it himself, I was more than interested. I know I’m a bit late on posting this but I’ve been busy as hell of late and sure am not about to miss out on this. I’ll let the music speak for itself.

You’re definitely gonna wanna hear…

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