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Fabolous x 2 Chainz “When I Feel Like It”

Fabo and 2 Chainz team up for Loso’s latest single off “Losos Way 2 : The Rise To Power” album which drops this summer!

2 thumbs up!

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New Music

Here Comes Another Pixies’ Song


intro“Here Comes Your Man” may well be our favorite Pixies song, and certainly it’s up there in top five. As the title is a full sentence that can mean all sorts of things, we struggled with what approach to pick and finally had to accept the fact that it will probably not end up as deep and insightful as we’d like.

A while ago we made a trip to a hardware store that resulted in new inspirations and new materials and today you may see one of them in use.

pix-hcym-front-coverWe rather expect the chain–man joke (if you can even call it that) not to be to everybody’s taste and we apologize to those of you who expected a more profound visual commentary. But we think that the chain calligraphy worked quite well and it was refreshing to use a less abstract background for a change. (Truth be told, we…

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New Music

Beard Jams: Confidence by The Dodos


Hey everyone! What’s going on? I’ve been pretty busy doing different things today. However, I always have time to listen to music. Todays song is a new one from The Dodos. It’s called, “Confidence.”

The beginning is very nice. I’m really enjoying the guitar riff that is going on. The vocalist is also very intriguing in this song as well. Really enjoying it.

This song has a nice indie rock sound in the beginning. However, like someone gaining confidence, it starts to evolve as the track goes on. Song becomes more developed as it goes on.

The song is less relaxed towards the end, but still awesome. All of the sounds combined; the guitar riffs, the uptempo drum beats, and the singers voice just absolutely grabbed my attention. Some really nice sounds coming out from this track.

Don’t just take my word for it, see what you think of it!…

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