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Beard Jams: Teenage Coma by ECSTASY


What’s up everyone? I’m back, and in somewhat good health again. The culprit for my doctors visit? Turns out it’s a kidney stone. Awesome. You know what else is awesome? Todays song! It’s called “Teenage Coma” and it’s by a band named ECSTASY.

The song gets going pretty fast, giving us the beat and rhythm section almost immediately. However, even though they give us a lot in the beginning it still captures the attention. Well, at least it captures my attention.

One thing I really like in this track is the “oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh” section. I’ve always liked when bands and artists do this type of thing in songs. Vocals are pretty good. Chorus is pretty catchy. I also like the female back ground singer. At times makes the song seem like there is more than two singers singing.

This track feels different in a good…

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