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Music Review Monday: Fearless Leader : Half Dead [EP]

Shaking Hands with Savages

“At first I thought you guys were a Number 12 cover band…”
–Anonymous concertgoer

That’s an appropriate compliment. As you all know, I like to keep it a little weird, chaotic, and sometimes disorienting around here. And if it’s true that people tend to gravitate towards the familiar, then it follows that I’d eventually run into a band like Fearless Leader. Hailing from the grunge capital of the world (think Space Needles and lots of rain)– Fearless Leader– like most bands that are from Seattle nowadays, is in fact not a grunge band. But that doesn’t matter because it’s not the late 80’s to mid 90’s, so put away those plaid button-ups and torn jeans (which are both oddly still in style), and give a listen to what these sunless rockers have to offer.

Yes, that quote at the top should give a few of you an idea of what…

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