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Face to face with Harlot

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Stormy metal full of great energy, passion and fury; boldness and challenge – Newcastle-based Harlot offer all of these to you and even more than that. Their recently released single ‘Saviour’ is a taste of things to come ahead of the EP release, so you’d better do up your seatbelts. Harlot’s frontman/guitarist James McLackland talks to Rock Britain about the single, the EP, fun on the road and much more.

– What was the starting point in Harlot’s history?
– We all attended the same high school and after joining together, we basically learned to play songs together as a way to individually develop musically that was starting point for us. We played the music that we all loved and began playing shows here and there performing our own material. We wanted people to hear our music, we built a good relationship with promoters in Newcastle and it went from there…

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